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Therapy + Counseling

My therapeutic practices are rooted in anti-oppressive, culturally affirming, "non-traditional" ( by the larger societal standard)  practices in mental health care. As a somatic (body-centered) therapist, I encourage yoga, movement, mindfulness, and other strategies to help soothe the nervous system and calm the mind. All of my practices are trauma-informed. My integrative style is typically focused on understanding your behaviors, acceptance, self-compassion, and mindfulness. 

Clinical Supervision

I am a Doctor of Marital and Family Therapy and somatic psychotherapist. I provide a Culturally Affirming, Social Justice, Systems Approach to clinical supervision and therapeutic practice.

I see the heart of supervision as the relationship between the supervisor and supervisee. I work to create a learning space that is mutually involving and aimed at bestowing power and knowledge to both the supervisee and supervisor. 

My supervision is focused on understanding presenting issues, working towards goals, and providing tools and interventions for use in clinical practice.

I also deeply explore:

  • cultural and social impacts on mental health

  • relationship between oppression and mental illness

  • cultural disparities in mental health treatment and service

  • impacts of diversity, power, and privilege

  • clinical and ethical responsibilities of working with vulnerable populations

  • unconscious bias in the clinical setting

  • reviews of literature, interventions, practices, and considerations reflecting more diverse communities and groups

Individual Supervision Rate: $90/ supervision 

Group Supervision Rate: $70 / supervision 

Contact me if you'd like to inquire about my supervision services. 

Mind-Body Protocol

The Mind-Body Protocol is a yoga psychotherapy treatment plan intervention informed by the cultural nuances of people of color. While the Mind-Body Protocol can be used with all races, ethnicities, groups, and identities, it may be particularly helpful when used with marginalized, silenced, and overlooked groups including: racial minorities, women, LGBTQ+, individuals with disabilities, refugees, economically disadvantaged people, and first-generation families. 

More details about the protocol can be found in the Mind-Body Manual (MBM) a training guide to help mental health therapists implement the yoga- psychotherapy protocol. The MBM is meant to be a professional complement to an already established psychotherapeutic practice.

Organizational Development + Program Design  Consulting

I currently offer program design support for organizations and projects of all sizes. My expertise is in systems: program management and administration, program design and evaluation, marketing, finance, and internal affairs.

I've created wellness programs catered to non-profit organizations, start-ups, corporate companies, and community groups. 


Offerings for individuals include program design or consulting, which can help with building a private practice from the ground up or evaluating the processes of an already established practice.  

For these types of projects, I can offer any or all of the following supports:

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Organization Evaluation Recommendations

  • Complete Program Design

  • Program Design with implementation

  • Mind-Body Manual -A guide to help mental health therapists integrate the Mind-Body Protocol, a yoga-psychotherapy approach for working with marginalized communities

  • Notes, Thoughts, and Reflections - A Therapy Journal

  • Adventure Journal- A Mindful Journey into the Outdoors 

Dr. Cole's Offerings


2940 Summit Street. Ste 2D.

Oakland, CA 94609



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